The Premium K Source for Superior Turfgrass

Healthy and lush turfgrass is a reflection of skill and attention to detail. It thrives on a K source low in chloride like Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP), which helps prevent turf burn while providing the potassium that is vital for increased root health, drought tolerance, resilience and overall strength.

Essential Nutrient

The Role of Potassium

For turfgrass to thrive, potassium is essential. It activates over 80 plant enzymes that support the physiological development of the turf. But serious consideration must be given to the source of potassium. The high potassium and sulfur analysis and low levels of chloride make Protassium+ SOP the most efficient source of potash for turf.

K + S

The Need for Durability

With unpredictable weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, durable growth is necessary. The 50% potassium in Protassium+ SOP helps build resilient turf. Additionally, Protassium+ fertilizer has 17% sulfate sulfur that is vital to turfgrass and contributes to root growth, photosynthesis, boosting a plant's ability to resist temperature stress and more. A lack of sulfur may result in yellowing and delayed growth and maturity in turfgrass.

Turfgrass can remove 160 lbs. of K2O per acre of soil.

Avoid the Burn

Low Chloride and Salt

Other potassium fertilizers contain high levels of salts such as chloride, which can lead to turf burn. The low salt index in Protassium+ SOP makes it safe for golf courses, parks and high-traffic grounds. Protassium+ premium sulfate of potash has the lowest salt index per unit of K of any major potassium fertilizer.