The Importance of K

All ornamental plants, from flowering varieties to evergreens, shrubs and trees, depend on potassium. Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) is an excellent source of the K that is vital to vivid blooms, strong trunks and stems, and healthy, vibrant foliage.

Plant Health & Quality

K and Plant Strength

A plant's ability to endure extreme temperatures and other environmental stress factors is greatly affected by potassium (K). Proper K levels within the ornamental contribute to:

  • Increased drought resistance
  • Stronger stalks and stems
  • Disease resistance

A lack of K can lead to poor flower development, decreased "lushness" in appearance, and greater susceptibility to the effects of environmental stress.

High K + More

A Superior K Source

Potassium is required for the activation of over 80 plant enzymes that support physiological development and impact plant health and quality. Protassium+ fertilizer is a unique dual nutrient, containing 50% potassium and 17% sulfate sulfur. And unlike some other forms of potash, Protassium+ SOP is virtually chloride-free, making it a safer choice for ornamentals, particularly chloride-sensitive varieties. 

K2O is essential to maintaining the visually desirable qualities of ornamentals.

Proper Placement

Applying Protassium+ SOP

When applying potassium to your plants, it's important to shank the potash into the soil and not let it touch the root directly. A plant that flowers annually may need additional Protassium+ fertilizer during the growing season.

When it comes to your plants, Protassium+ premium sulfate of potash brings more to the table for your ornamentals by supplying the potassium and sulfate sulfur they need without the worry of unneeded chloride.