The Importance of K

Lettuce depends on potassium for overall plant health and quality production. A lack of potassium could result in poor leaf quality, reduced shelf life and susceptibility to disease. Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) delivers the K lettuce crops need, plus it has 17% sulfate sulfur and is virtually chloride-free.

High K & Sulfate Sulfur

The Protassium+ SOP Solution

Containing 50% potassium and 17% sulfate sulfur, Protassium+ fertilizer is a safe and highly efficient dual nutrient source for lettuce production. Lettuce needs significant levels of potassium to produce large, high-quality leaves and heads. Because the majority of nutrients taken up by the plant are removed with the biomass at harvest, it is essential to sufficiently replenish potassium levels for future crops. Typically recommended application rates of potassium are approximately 200 lbs. K2O per acre broadcasted.

Readily Available

The Advantages of Sulfate Sulfur

The sulfate sulfur in Protassium+ SOP is immediately available for uptake and use by the plant. This immediate availability makes Protassium+ fertilizer a much better source of sulfur than elemental sulfur, which takes significant time, correct temperature and moisture to oxidize to a form that the plant can use.

For every 14 tons harvested, lettuce removes 140 lbs. of K2O.

Avoid the Burn

High Chloride Sensitivity

Lettuce is extremely sensitive to salts and chloride. In excess, chloride can build up in the soil and become toxic for plants.

High chloride and salinity can:

  • Decrease yield
  • Reduce nutrient content
  • Affect photosynthesis
  • Cause root pruning
  • Cause scorching and yellowing in the leaves

Protassium+ SOP contains virtually no chloride and has one of the lowest salt indexes of any of the major potash fertilizers.

Bring more quality and higher yields to your production with the K source that brings more to the table: Protassium+ premium sulfate of potash.