The Importance of K

In avocado production, fruit quality and tree health should never be taken lightly. That is why the importance of potassium cannot be overemphasized and why Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) is essential to helping ensure strong yields and ongoing tree health.

High K

The Potassium Solution

Avocado trees need a large amount of potassium to produce larger and higher-quality fruit. And because the majority of nutrients taken from the soil go into the fruit, it is essential to replenish potassium levels in the soil for future crops. Protassium+ SOP is a superior choice as a potassium source for avocados. Providing 50% potassium and 17% sulfate sulfur, Protassium+ SOP is an excellent source of the nutrients that contribute to high quality and yield in avocados.

Readily Available

The Importance of Sulfate Sulfur

The sulfate sulfur in Protassium+ sulfate of potash is immediately available and easily absorbed by the tree.  Elemental sulfur must oxidize before it can be used by the plant, a process that takes considerable time, temperatures and water to complete.

Two hundred pounds of K2O is removed from the soil for every 20 tons of avocados harvested.

Avoid the Burn

The Impact of Chloride and Salt

Because avocado trees are highly sensitive to salts, managing and minimizing chloride is crucial. Excess chloride can build up in the soil and impair plant nutrient uptake.

High salt or salinity can:

  • Hinder tree size and minimize yield
  • Affect photosynthesis
  • Harm root growth
  • Cause scorching and yellowing in the leaves

And while leaching can reduce soil salinity and chloride levels, if irrigation water is high in chlorides or salts, it can actually add to the problem. Protassium+ fertilizer contains virtually no chloride, making it a safe and effective source of potassium for avocado production.

Give your avocados the potassium they need plus the added benefit of sulfate sulfur with Protassium+ premium sulfate of potash. Using anything less brings less to the table when it comes to quality and profitability.