The Importance of K

Citrus trees require potassium and sulfur in order to produce high-quality fruit. Without these nutrients, fruit will experience delayed growth and reduced quality.

High K & Sulfate Sulfur

The Need for Nutrients

The 50% potassium and 17% sulfate sulfur in Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) help with overall tree health, specifically during crop growth stages, fruit initiation and development. A profitable yield can only be achieved when enough K is supplied. Fruit quality and firmness are also a direct result of adequate potassium availability for the tree fruit. Potassium affects color, size, acidity and roughness.

Oranges remove 11 lbs. of K2O for every ton of fruit produced.

Quality & Yield

Preventing Deficiencies

Potassium is a critical nutrient for citrus production. Deficiencies can have a number of negative impacts on fruit yield and quality:

  • Reduced fruit size, weight and rind thickness
  • Increases in rind disorders, creasing, plugging and splitting
  • Increases in storage decay
  • Reduced soluble solids, acidity and vitamin C

Chloride Sensitivity

Avoiding the Burn

When applying a potassium source, it is important to take into consideration the salinity situation of the environment. Fruit trees are chloride-sensitive and can easily be adversely affected by high levels of chloride. Chloride from irrigation water can have a cumulative effect with other sources, building soil chloride levels and impacting the crop. Using a potassium source with low amounts of chloride helps to prevent or limit this problem. Protassium+ SOP contains virtually no salt or chloride.