Product Line

Premium Products

Compass Minerals' products naturally offer the high potassium and sulfate sulfur growers need to consistently produce high quality, high yielding crops. We offer a variety of particle sizes to ensure that our product meets the needs of each customer and to create better, more uniform custom blends. All our products are 0-0-50-17S, providing 50% potash (K2O) and 17% sulfate sulfur.

Ag Products

Sized for everything from broadcast spreaders to rapid dissolution for liquid applications.

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Turf Products

Ideal turf and ornamentals grades for direct application or blends.

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Used in organic farming in America for more than 30 years.

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Soluble Products

Ideal for production of liquid blends or rapid dissolution for liquid applications.

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Safety and Health


Maintain a high level of product stewardship in your operation and your health and safety program with easy access to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of each Protassium+ product.

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