The K Source that Brings More to the Table

Protassium+® is a dual-nutrient source that delivers high potassium and sulfate sulfur with virtually no chloride and low salt index. It is the premium K source that helps your crops grow to their full potential.

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A Premium K Source for Superior Almond Yields

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August 31, 2014

Salts and Your California Orchard

Three salt-related issues challenge almost all almond orchards in California: saline soils, low-quality water, and a salt-sensitive crop. Learn more about the issues and how…


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Get an idea of how much potassium was depleted from your soil and how much Protassium+ you will need for replenishment.


Research & Insights

Plant Nutrition Research

...This research suggests that K deficiency is associated with higher mortality rates for fruiting spurs.[1]


 Edwin J. Reidel, Patrick H. Brown, Roger A. Duncan, and Steven A. Weinbaum report


University of California study


Roger Duncan, UCCE Pomology & Viticulture Advisor for Stanislaus County