The Dual Nutrient Resource for Peppers

Rich color and great taste are key to the pepper's popularity with consumers. And modern research is looking into possible anti-cancer characteristics of peppers. Two key nutrients for high yield and quality peppers are potassium and sulfur. Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) provides these vital nutrients with the added benefit of being virtually chloride-free.

Quality and Health

Potassium's Role in Peppers

Potassium (K) is vital to key biological functions of the pepper plant, and a deficiency in K can severely impact both yield and crop quality. The benefits of K for pepper plants include:

  • Aids in the transport of sugars
  • Helps with stomata function
  • Enhances wall thickness, color and taste
  • Aids the plant's ability to resist disease
  • Important for fruit set and development

Readily Available

How Sulfate Sulfur Benefits Peppers

Protassium+ fertilizer contains 17% sulfur in the sulfate form. Sulfate sulfur is immediately available for uptake and use by the plant, unlike elemental sulfur which needs significant time, correct temperature and moisture to oxidize into a form available to the plant. Sulfur is essential to many functions within the pepper plant including:

  • Promoting the production of enzymes, vitamins and proteins
  • Aiding photosynthesis and chlorophyll production
  • Enhancing root growth
  • Increasing the “heat” in hot pepper varieties

For every 9 tons of peppers yielded, 217 lbs. of K2O is removed from the soil.

Yield Steal

Chloride Sensitivity in Peppers

Chloride and salinity can pose serious threats to pepper plant yield. Salt will negatively impact water uptake at the plant’s roots, and high chloride can prevent nitrogen uptake. Fortunately, Protassium+  SOP contains less than 1% chloride, compared to other potassium sources like muriate of potash (MOP) which contains 47% chloride.

Give your plants the potassium and sulfur they need without the worry of chloride and salt with the K source that brings more to the table: Protassium+ premium sulfate of potash.