The Dual Nutrient Source for Berries

Berry crops require significant levels of potassium  to help optimize plant health and maximize yield.  Additionally, berries tend to be extremely chloride-sensitive. Using Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) is recommended over other potassium sources because it is a potassium- and sulfur-rich dual nutrient with virtually no chloride.

Quality & Health

The Need for Potassium

Potassium fosters the activation of over 80 plant enzymes, supporting the physiological development of the plant. But not all sources of potassium are the same, especially when it comes to chloride-sensitive plants like berries. Protassium+ SOP contains 50% potassium which helps support a high yield without the risks associated with a potassium source high in chloride.

Readily Available

The Importance of Sulfate Sulfur

Sulfur is critical to berry plant health. It helps the plant resist dehydration, disease and other effects from stress. More importantly, sulfur plays a vital role in protein synthesis that ultimately impacts plant cell wall structure. Protassium+ fertilizer features 17% sulfate sulfur, which has the added benefit of being immediately available for plant uptake. Elemental sulfur requires time, correct temperature and moisture to oxidize before the plant can absorb it.

For every ton of strawberries harvested, 5 lbs. of K2O is removed from the soil.

Keep an Eye on Your K

Signs of Deficiency

Signs of a potassium deficiency are commonly seen on the leaves and include scorching along the margin, cupping, curling and spotting. Low K in brambles will result in soft, poorly formed fruit. During a heavy yield year, the fruit will monopolize the potassium in the plant until harvest, resulting in deficient levels in the leaves. Tissue samples taken after harvest should show the potassium levels equalizing again throughout the plant.

Avoid the Burn

The Low Chloride Advantage

A major advantage of using Protassium+ SOP in berry production is the extremely low level of chloride. Compared to other potassium sources like muriate of potash which contains 47% chloride, Protassium+ SOP has less than 1%. It also has the lowest salt index of all major potash sources.

Nurture your berries with the potassium and sulfate surfur they need, without the threat of harm from chloride and salt. Choose the K source that brings more to the table: Protassium+ premium sulfate of potash.