Potassium’s Role in Growing Potatoes | Protassium+®

K Removal

The Need for Potassium

Potassium is required for the activation of over 80 plant enzymes and supporting the physiological development of a potato crop. Its benefits include:

  • Improving plants' water use through regulation of photosynthesis and transpiration
  • Enhancing nitrogen utilization and increasing protein production
  • Boosting overall plant health and the crop's ability to withstand disease, pests and drought stress

Symptoms of a potassium deficiency in potato plants include bluish-green leaflets and slight interveinal chlorosis, marginal scorch bronzing and brown spots on the undersurface of leaves.

Potassium is taken up by potato plants more than any other nutrient. In fact, potatoes remove up to 56 lbs. of  K2O per 1Potatoes typically remove up to 56 lbs. of potassium (K2O) from the soil per 100 cwt of yield. That means a 500 cwt crop will remove about 280 lbs. of potassium per acre per year. If those nutrients aren't replenished, future crops can suffer in quality and uniformity of yield, specific gravity and storage capability, and have increased risks of external defects.

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A vital micronutrient

The Need for Sulfur

Sulfur also plays an important role in potato plant growth. In potato plants, adequate sulfur helps with:

  • Nutrient uptake and chlorophyll production
  • Seed development
  • Stress and pest resistance
  • Carbohydrate formation and vitamin synthesis

Signs of sulfur deficiency in potato plants can include upward curving of the leaves or the plant turning a lighter green to yellow color. Deficient sulfur levels can result in poor crop growth, delayed maturity and spindly plants.

Plant roots can only absorb sulfur when it is in the sulfate form (SO4 ). Elemental and organic sulfur need to be oxidized into the sulfate form, a process that takes considerable time, correct temperatures, and adequate moisture. The sulfur in Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash is in the sulfate form and is immediately available for uptake and use by plants.