Protassium+ Premium Sulfate of Potash Increases Yield in Alfalfa Field Trials

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The Proof is in the Potash

2012 field trials in Eltopia, Washington investigated which of the two most commonly used potassium sources had the best impact on alfalfa. Protassium+® (Sulfate of Potash) was the clear winner.

The Eltopia, Washington plot trials investigated potassium source impact on both new and established stands of alfalfa. The four treatment variations consisted of:

  • 200 lb. of K2SO4 (Protassium+)/acre
  • 200 lb. of KCI (muriate of potash)/acre
  • 200 lb. of KCI + sulfur (equal to the amount in Protassium+)/acre
  • An untreated check

In both variations, Protassium+ delivered higher yields over MOP.

In new alfalfa stands, Protassium+ resulted in:

  • A 600 lb./acre yield over MOP
  • A 400 lb per acre yield advantage vs. MOP + Sulfur
  • Better stand establishment and first cutting

In established alfalfa stands, Protassium+ demonstrated:

  • More than a one ton/acre yield over MOP

In both trials, alfalfa plants treated with Protassium+ experienced significant increase in yield per acre. The results of the field trial clearly show that choosing Protassium+ as a potassium source contributes to greater yield, forage quality and revenue for growers.



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