Almonds: Tips for In-Season K Application

Evaluate your midseason K needs using the tips below for in-season potassium management.

Evaluate bloom conditions and nut set

  • If conditions are favorable for a larger crop, increase in-season application of K to meet the higher potassium demand of almonds [almonds remove 96 lbs. of K2O/1,000 lbs. of nuts].

  • If harvest expectations are less, maintain your current fertility program to support any potential further growth in the season. 

Consider fertigation of potassium

  • Adding soluble forms of SOP to your fertigation program quickly moves K to the roots and is a good in-season supplement to spring or fall granular applications.
  • Allows you to target K near fine feeder roots.
  • Achieves good uniformity [when applied with properly maintained equipment].

Choose a premium potassium source

.As a dual nutrient that provides potassium and sulfate-sulfur, Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) promotes plant health for stronger, more profitable yields.

  • Provides an ideal combination of potassium and sulfate sulfur without the unnecessary nutrients found in alternatives.
  • At less than 1% chloride, Protassium+ SOP has one of the lowest chloride contents of all major potassium sources.
  • Has the lowest salt index of all major potassium sources, helping minimize the damage that salt can do to plants and soil biological systems.