Chloride & Salt Sensitivity in Almonds | Protassium+®


K Source Considerations

Almonds are among several high-value crops that are particularly sensitive to chloride and salt. Continued application of potassium sources with a high chloride content or salt index can have a toxic effect, building up in the soil and contributing to lower yields, lower quality and loss of income.

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Blocking Uptake

Chloride Sensitivity

Applying high chloride potassium sources can cause excess chloride to build up around a tree’s root system, blocking uptake of essential nutrients that are vital to the health and success of your almond crop.

Protassium+® potassium fertilizer has less than one percent chloride content, making it your best choice to minimize the risk of chloride affecting proper root function and leaf development. 


Avoid the Burn

Salt Sensitivity

Excess salt can have a number of damaging effects on crop development and soil systems, including:

  • Poor germination
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Seedling injury
  • “Tip Burn”
  • Stunted root and shoot growth
  • Water imbalance in the plant (drought stress)
  • Reduced soil structure and decreased microbial activity