About Protassium+: Naturally Produced | Protassium+®


A Higher Quality K Source

For more than 40 years, the Compass Minerals production facility on Utah’s Great Salt Lake has produced Protassium+ through a unique solar evaporation process . And in Wynyard, Saskatchewan, we use a unique ion exchange process to produce the highest purity potassium sulfate in the world – over 99.7%.


A Solar Solution

From the Great Salt Lake

Protassium+ products are produced primarily through a solar evaporation process. Water from the Great Salt Lake is drawn into specialized ponds and then removed by solar evaporation, leaving sulfate of potash and other minerals for harvest. The process is environmentally friendly because it:

  • Utilizes all natural solar evaporation
  • Generates no toxic waste
  • Safely returns water to the Great Salt Lake


From Big Quill Lake

Protassium+ is also made in Wynyard, Saskatchewan,  by extracting naturally occurring sulfate from the brine of Big Quill Lake and combining it with potassium chloride. Then, through an ion exchange process, a form of Protassium+ (sulfate of potash) is produced with one of the highest levels of  SOP purity in the world.