Low Chloride Potassium Fertilizer | Protassium+®


The K Source That Provides More Peace of Mind

Many crops, turfs and ornamentals are particularly sensitive to chloride and salt, so it's naturally a concern when applying potassium fertilizers with a high chloride content or salt index. Those products can have a toxic effect on a crop, especially with repeated applications when salt builds up in the soil. Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) is virtually chloride-free and has an extremely low salt index, which makes it exceptionally safe for your crops. 

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Quality & Profit Loss

The High Risk of Salt and Chloride

Excess salt can have a number of very harmful effects on a crop's development and even on the soil system in general, often contributing to lower yields, lower quality, poorer appearance and loss of income.

Chloride build-up in a plant's root structure can block uptake of essential nutrients that are critical for crop health and growth.


The K Source Solution

Minimizing the Risks of Salt and Chloride

Protassium+ potassium fertilizer has virtually no chloride and has the lowest salt index of all major sources of potash. For this reason, Protassium+ SOP provides added flexibility in application timing without the risks of salt buildup that over-application or continued application of other potassium sources can pose over time. This is especially important when managing crops in high saline soil environments or when irrigation water quality is poor.

Protassium+ SOP is a superior K source that brings more to the table for optimizing plant growth without the threat of chloride and salt.