Fertilizer with Sulfate Sulfur | Protassium+®


The Added Benefit of Sulfur

Sulfur is often referred to as the fourth macronutrient because it's so important for supporting many plant functions that affect yield, quality and marketability. In recent years, sulfur deficiencies and the need to replenish the nutrient in depleted soils have become an important concern for growers.

Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (SOP) includes 17% sulfate sulfur (SO4) in addition to its high potassium content, making it easy and convenient for you to give plants the sulfur they need.

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Plant Growth

The Role of Sulfur

In plants, sulfur plays a key role in aiding a variety of growth functions. These include:

  • Nutrient uptake and chlorophyll production
  • Seed development and root strength
  • Stress and pest resistance
  • Nitrogen utilization and carbohydrate formation
  • Vitamin synthesis

Numerous studies from around the world have shown that the sulfur component of fertilizer can positively impact yields1.


Avoid Deficiencies

The Elevated Need for Sulfur

Because sulfur deficiencies can result in slowed plant growth rates, spindly plants and other problems, you need to scout for telltale signs. Symptoms of sulfur deficiency can include the plant turning from a lighter green to a yellow color or upward curving of the leaves.

Unfortunately, sulfur deficiencies in the soil are now more common than ever. And here are a few reasons why:

  • Higher air quality standards have lowered sulfur emissions and reduced environmentally available sulfur
  • Increased crop yields draw a greater amount of sulfur out of the soil
  • Greater use of relatively sulfur-free nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers have reduced sulfur replacement


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