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About Us

Premium Products for Superior Yields

Compass Minerals is the largest producer of sulfate of potash (Protassium+®) in North America. We are dedicated to supplying growers, crop consultants and retail partners with valuable plant nutrition insights, information and research to support exceptional growing operations.

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The Premium K Source

Protassium+ is the premium sulfate of potash (0-0-50-17S) trusted by high-performance  growers. With high potassium, sulfate sulfur and virtually no chloride, it brings more to the table so you can too.


Wolf Trax®

Innovative Nutrients

Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients help increase crop production while saving time and money. Our family of products is formulated to deliver superior application and improved plant uptake:

  • DDP Nutrients - delivers nutrients in a way that is more effective than traditional granular products.
  • PROTINUSTM - a unique seed-applied fertilizer product that promotes early plant nutrition and growth.

Nu-Trax™ P+

Rethink Your Phos

Nu-Trax P+ combines three innovative technologies to offer better delivery of early-season nutrition:

  • CropStartTM Nutrient Package
  • EvencoatTM Technology
  • PlantActivTM Formulation


Chloride Fertilization

For wheat, corn and sorghum, a chloride deficiency can lead to reduced yields and profits. Chlori-Mag is an efficient, economical and convenient choice for delivering the chloride that can help crops reach their full potential.