Sulfur’s role in Growing Almonds | Protassium+®


An Excellent Source of Sulfur

Sulfur is often referred to as the fourth macronutrient. It is an essential nutritional element for promoting healthy tree growth and development needed for top nut yields. Protassium+® potassium fertilizer offers 17% sulfur in the sulfate form.

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Plant Health

The Importance of Sulfur

Sulfate, the plant available form of sulfur, plays an important role in enhancing vital protein synthesis in almond trees. Sulfur is also  important for::

  • Promoting enzyme activity
  • Filling the role of a key component of some vitamins, such as vitamin A
  • Maintaining a proper nitrogen to sulfur ratio in the plant

Avoiding Deficiency

The Need for Sulfur

A sulfur deficiency in the soil can cause slow growth rates, yellowing leaves, lower fruit production and more. Unfortunately, sulfur deficiencies are becoming more common, so growers must be aware of the need to replace sulfur on a regular basis.