Potassium’s Role in Growing Potatoes | Protassium+®

K Removal

The Need for Potassium

Potatoes typically remove up to 56 lbs. of potassium (K2O) from the soil per 100 cwt of yield. That means  a 500 cwt crop will remove about 280 lbs. of potassium per acre per year. If those nutrients aren't replenished, future crops can suffer in quality and uniformity of yield, specific gravity and storage capability, and have increased risks of external defects.

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A vital micronutrient

The Need for Sulfur

Sulfur also plays an important role in potato plant growth. But deficiencies have become more prevalent in recent years due to factors like air quality standards that reduce sulfur emissions and increased use of sulfur-free nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.

When replenishing these nutrients, be aware that some potassium sources are high in chloride, which potatoes are particularly sensitive to. Over time, chloride levels can build up and adversely impact fertility and profitability.