Role of Potassium & Sulfur in Alfalfa | Protassium+®

High K

The Need for Potassium

Growing one ton of alfalfa typically removes about 60 pounds of potassium from the soil. Potassium (K) is an essential nutrient, so it needs to be replenished in order to ensure future yield and forage quality. 

Recent studies suggest that many growers aren't applying enough potassium to keep up with crop removal of this key nutrient.

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Growing Deficiencies

The Need for Sulfur

Sulfur deficiencies have become common in recent years for a number of reasons, such as stricter air quality standards lowering sulfur emissions, more intensive crop production and greater use of sulfur-free nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers.

Offering 17% sulfate sulfur, Protassium+ brings more to the table when it comes to avoiding sulfur deficiencies and fostering the growth of high-quality alfalfa.