August 31, 2014

Why a Fall Application of Potassium is Crucial

An application of potassium in the fall after the last harvest will increase K availability which is critical at this point as carbohydrates are at there lowest in the roots and the plant is starting to rebuild nutrient reserves. It is important to try to make this application 4 to 6 weeks before dormancy this will aid in winter hardiness and stand survivability.

An application of sulfate of potash after the last cutting provides benefits such as:

  • Avoided luxury consumption
  • Higher yield the following year
  • Boosted winter hardiness and stand longevity
  • Maximized overall plant health and disease resistance
  • Fostered nutrient uptake, stimulating early growth and improving plant function

An added advantage to using Protassium+® is the 17% sulfate sulfur it offers. A sulfur deficiency could cause slow growth, delayed maturity and small, spindly plants.

For more information on how Protassium+ can help prepare your stands for winter, call 1-855-322-7773.