February 23, 2017

Better Potato Fertilizers from Compass Minerals

Fertilizing Potatoes with Proven Products from Compass Minerals

Potatoes have high nutrient requirements. Choosing the right fertilizer products will help ensure proper nutrition when it’s needed. And that results in better yield, quality and storability. When it comes to K fertilizer, micronutrients and starters, Compass Minerals has the right products for fertilizing potatoes:

Let’s take some time to explore the benefits of each product in commercial potato production.

Avoiding the Harmful Effects of Chloride in Your K Source

Many potato farmers use MOP as their K source. While MOP’s high potassium content is beneficial, its high chloride content is not. Excessive chloride often leads to nutritional imbalances and displacement of other important nutrients such as nitrate.

To avoid the harmful effects of chloride, potato farmers can use Protassium+. Its chloride content is less than 1%. (MOP’s chloride content is 47%.) Protassium+ also contains:

  • 50% potassium
  • 17% sulfate sulfur

Compared to MOP, Protassium+ is proven to:

  • Increase potato yield up to 5 tons/acre
  • Increase No. 1s by 3 tons/acre
  • Result in fewer sprouts per tuber after 200 days in storage

Improving Micronutrient Availability and Performance

Formulated with EvenCoat Technology, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients coat onto dry fertilizer granules. By coating every granule in a blend, farmers can apply a blanket of needed micronutrients across the field, placing them close to plant roots for early plant uptake.

By providing nutrition when it’s needed, DDP Nutrients:

  • Increase the amount of U.S. #1 potatoes by an additional 11 percent compared to granular micronutrients
  • Increase potato size with more No. 1s greater than 6 ounces

Any combination of Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients can be coated onto dry fertilizer. To see the full line-up of Wolf Trax products, click here.

Adding the Benefits of a Starter to Dry Fertilizer

Starter fertilizers that contain phosphorus are important for high-quality potato production. Phosphorus stimulates vigorous root growth and a healthy top. It can be difficult for potato plants to access phosphorus early in the season, however, because potatoes often grow in alkaline soils, which creates an environment for P tie-up with calcium and magnesium. Applying phosphorus near plant roots helps overcome these challenges.

Nu-Trax P+™ with CropStart™ technology provides the benefits of a starter in dry fertilizer applications. By coating onto every granule of a blend, Nu-Trax P+ delivers phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients essential for early growth to young plant roots.

Field trials from Florida to Washington have shown that Nu-Trax P+ improves total useable potato yield.

Getting More Information

Learn more about how Compass Minerals’ plant nutrition products can improve how you fertilize potatoes. View this recent Spudman webinar series anytime online.