June 30, 2017

10 Reasons to Love K

At Compass Minerals, we love potassium. We talk about K in the hallways and over lunch. We’re the only producer of Protassium+ sulfate of potash in the United States, so our jobs are to talk about K. But there’s another reason why we love this nutrient so much (and why we think you should too). Because crops love K!

We’re not holding back. We are going to embrace crops’ love for this amazing nutrient. Everything we do this month will be #ForTheLoveofK

How much do you think about your farm’s K fertilizer needs? We understand that K might not consume your whole work day like it does ours. But don’t be afraid to show some love to our favorite crop nutrient. Your yields might say, “Thank You.”

Here are 10 important reasons to spend some time thinking about K:

  1. Potatoes require lots of K! Potatoes remove up to 56 lbs. of K2O for every 100 cwt of yield.
  2. Almond trees require regular K replenishment. Once trees have a K deficiency, it can take years to rebuild concentrations for optimal tree health.
  3. Citrus crops thrive in soils with high K levels. Fruit quality and firmness is a direct result of adequate K.
  4. Tomatoes need K more than any other nutrient.
  5. Want to grow top-quality, thick-walled peppers? Ensure proper K fertilization!
  6. Lettuce crops need a lot of K to produce large, high-quality leaves and heads. Typical application rates are around 200 lbs. K2O / acre.
  7. Adequate K levels help improve onion bulb firmness, increase size and extend shelf life.
  8. In sweet potatoes, plants need K to efficiently use nitrogen and take up water.
  9. Building up K reserves in grape vines is important for the current crop as well as next year’s.
  10. K plays an important role in melon size, sweetness and shelf life. 

Want to learn more about K? We have a video for that